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The small scarlet box wrapped with white ribbon looks appealing, but its contents are pure horror – a human heart. When the grisly package is found in a toy dinghy tied up to the dock at the back of his house, Detective Sam Becket fears it can only mean one thing: that Cal the Hater, the psychotic killer with a personal grudge against his family, is back again.

As mutilated bodies and more hearts are found, tensions rise, and Sam's wife, child and adolescent psychologist Grace Lucca Becket, is already becoming uncharacteristically edgy. And that's before she finds herself in the kind of personal hell she could never have imagined possible.

Hell, for Sam Becket, is not being able to find any way to help her.

To be published in hardback in the UK on July 28 2011, and in the US on November 1, by Severn House Publishers. Paperback publication and Kindle dates to be announced.

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