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Though they live fulfilling, independent lives in three different countries, Olivia Segal, Jamie Arias and Annie Aldrich Thomas remain bound to each other by a past tragedy; and by their pact to always be there for each other at times of great need.

The first call for help comes from Annie. Everyone believes she's a perfect wife and mother, able to cope with all life's crises, but in private, Annie's barely hanging on. Jamie's problems all stem from Carrie, his manipulative, vindictive wife. But when a series of bizarre, alarming events spur Olivia, in Brussels, to investigate their source, and she uncovers an appalling secret affecting Jamie, Annie and herself, their pact is put to its most demanding test.

In a London vault lies a story waiting to be read; a tale of evil more than fifty years old, a link with the past and a present danger more terrifying than anything the friends could have dreamed up in their wildest nightmares.


‘Memorable and convincing'
Publishers Weekly

‘Norman takes delight in throwing as many balls as possible in the air and
keeping them there… Her experience shows'
Jewish Chronicle

Hardback published by Hodder & Stoughton 1997
Paperback by Coronet 1997
Published in US by Onyx 1998

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