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'The last time Sebastian saw his mother, she had just shot herself, through the head.'

Katharine Andersen is a successful American set designer. Sebastian Locke is a dynamic London theatrical agent. Their meeting ought to herald a relationship made in heaven, but instead, it's the start of a descent into hell. Only Jeremy Mariner , Sebastian 's partner and closest friend, can begin to understand that Katharine has embodied Sebastian's oldest nightmare. Twisted by jealousy, Jeremy is condemned to observe the unfolding of a theatrical tragedy more dramatic than any play.


'A glamorous setting, the spectre of insanity and a triangular relationship
between three people whose childhoods have been death-stalked'
Sunday Times

‘Packed with tension and suspense.'

Hardback published by Hodder & Stoughton 1993
Paperback by Coronet 1993
Published in US by Onyx 1994

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