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‘Some children play, from early years, with instincts far from pure.
Some play their games with the souls of killers.
And then they grow up.’

The gang have played their ‘games’ since childhood, and Ralph is their protector. Their aim is to punish sins against other kids.

Journalist Kate Turner tends to speak first and regret later. No regrets greater than her miscarriage and marriage breakdown.

As a pregnant teenager, Laurie Moon fought termination despite the odds. Now her son Sam lives in a special needs home, and Laurie exists only to visit him.

One winter afternoon, Kate’s escaping the city to lick her wounds. While just miles away, Laurie’s counting the hours till she can see Sam again.

Neither woman knows that a game has been created especially for them.

A killing game.



To be published in hardback on July 31 2008 by Severn House Publishers.
Paperback publication date to be announced.

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Ralph's Children