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In Miami Beach, all hell is breaking loose. First, a dawn swimmer makes a gruesome discovery in a rowboat, and two mornings later, the city is rocked by a mystery explosion.

When Detective Sam Becket’s sister-in-law Claudia arrives from Seattle and confesses to Grace that she’s become a blackmail victim, Sam wants to do all he can to help his wife’s sister – but he and his partner Al Martinez have a vicious killer to track down.

His only lead is Mildred Bleeker, a local character who’s seen a frightening stranger – a young man, silver from head to toe, shimmering in the night, who, she says, put her in mind of the angel of death.

Cal the Hater learned all about pain and humiliation from an expert. Now, he’s found a way to make others suffer, too, and he’s getting a real taste for it.

As Sam fights to catch the killer and Claudia’s troubles intensify, the unthinkable is about to happen…



To be published in hardback on June 25 2009 by Severn House Publishers.
Paperback publication date to be announced

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